Orthodontics can correct malpositions of the jaws, teeth and restore functions related to the oral sphere such as chewing, swallowing, phonation and breathing.

A first consultation with an orthodontist is recommended around the age of 7/8 years, when the precise assessment can already be done (presence of the first permanent molars and incisors). Thus, orthodontic treatment, if it is to take place, can be optimally organized over time.

Each problem encountered can be corrected at any age, young children or adults, only the approach and the instruments used can be different.

Treatments can be carried out in two phases (two intentions) or only one (one intention).

The instruments used may be different, namely :

  • Fixed orthodontic appliances: “Rings” for example
  • Removable orthodontic appliances: INVISALIGN® discrete aligners


Cost of a first orthodontic consultation: 109,60 chf

Cost of orthodontic treatment between 7,000 and 11,000 chf.

Compliance with the SSO coding with a point value of CHF 1 corresponding to the insurance point.

Special case for adults who only want a dental alignment to obtain an aesthetic smile using the Invisalign gutter method

Package price between 2.800chf and 4.500chf.