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Cabinet les Moussaillons

Chemin du Collège 15,
1040 Echallens

Phone : +41 21 882 14 20

The Dental Cabinet les Moussaillons is located in the canton of Vaud, in Echallens, which is a city located at equal distance or between Lausanne and Yverdon, Fribourg and Cossonay.
The Cabinet Moussaillons is located next to the Collège des 3 sapins in Echallens. Take the path of the Collège des 3 sapins and continue to the car parking close to the cabinet Les Moussaillons

Consultation hours

8am-1pm 2pm – 7pm
8am-1pm 2pm – 7pm
8am-1pm 2pm – 7pm
8am-1pm 2pm – 6pm

Contact form

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