Prevention is highlighted through oral hygiene motivation and care. Screening for carious lesions is systematic through clinical and radiographic examination if necessary.

Each patient will be provided with secure access codes allowing them to consult their medical and dental records online.

Dental hygiene care, detection of caries

As soon as possible, then regularly, a screening consultation for the caries lesions associated with dental hygiene care helps to make the child aware of the importance of taking care of his teeth and his mouth but also to diagnose caries lesions early enough to promote simple and comfortable treatments.

As part of our firm commitment to prevent and fight against carious disease, we offer oral hygiene consultations at each visit:

  • An oral hygiene treatment,
  • Additional diagnosis via BitWing radiographs if necessary,
  • A clinical examination by the dentist


  • Up to 6 years old 50chf
  • From 6 to 12 years old 80CHF
  • From 12 to 16 years old 100chf
  • From 16 years old 130CHF

Cost of 2 BW and their interpretation 38chf
NB: the radiographic elements can be consulted via the Internet at the same time as the patient’s medical and dental file.

Treatment of caries

We perform classic pedodontic dentistry (dental care for children) such as:

  • Dental composites,
  • Root treatments,
  • Surgery.

We use classical dental instruments but also laser instruments.

Nous réservons les matinées pour ce genre d’acte du fait que les enfants sont plus reposés et plus détendus durant cette période de la journée.


Compliance with the SSO coding with a point value of CHF 1 corresponding to the insurance point.